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I Often Wonder!

Do you ever just stop and wonder about things? Do you ever literally just stop and try to block out all the busyness of the world and spend time in wonder? Busy schedules, technology and so many other things seem to prevent me personally from this very thing of stopping and wondering. It’s reflection. It’s [...]

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Want Productive Meetings? Try These!

Honestly, I dislike most meetings. 99% of most meetings should never meet! I am not saying that all meetings are bad and not productive but a large percentage are just that. It seems as if we meet to meet to meet to meet …… you get my drift. I am as guilty as the next person in [...]

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Then Camp Was Over! What Now?

Our Immanuel Baptist Church youth group just returned from a week-long FUGE camp in Nashville, TN. I had a wonderful week hanging out with our 66 youth (and 12 of us adults) plus hundreds of other adults and youth from across the country. It was truly an amazing week for me personally. I have been [...]

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