The “Tradio” of Sports Talk Radio, Matt Jones

  • 10th May 201610/05/16
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I grew up in a very small town where “Tradio” was a weekly call-in show (an hour or two long) on the local radio station. I believe the show was also called “Dial-A-Deal” somewhere along the way. Basically, the idea was this ….. a person would call in to a host and attempt to “sell” items around the house to listeners of the show! Craigslist before craigslist. Basically a call-in yard sale.

The show had “regular” callers who attempted to sell their goods daily. Many tried to sell the same couch or frig every single day. Other callers were “first timers” who had the occasional really cool item for sale …… the battery powered 4×4 Jeep (hardly used, like new) or the “in great shape” basketball hoop (or ring if prefer).

I remember as a kid and sadly enough as a teenager listening to the show on a regular basis. I just had to listen. I honestly have no idea why but I listened. I never bought one thing from the show. I sometimes feel the same way about listening to Matt Jones and the crew at Kentucky Sports Radio. Long-time listener, first-time caller! I say that somewhat laughing and chuckling as I type. I’m a fan, so I listen regularly. I sometimes wonder why. Similar to my feelings with “Tradio.” The reality of both …….. I couldn’t resist listening to “Tradio” back in the day and I can’t resist listening to KSR today. It’s the best show on the radio! Period.

Why I Liken KSR To “Tradio” And Am A Regular Listener Of The Show:

Matt provides a platform for callers to express their thoughts in an unfiltered manner (sometimes to sell their junk)

You never know what you’re gonna get/hear from Matt and the KSR Crew (your typical “Tradio” caller)

At times the show is trash (I listen regardless), most of the time it’s a treasure (moto of “Tradio” ….. one man’s trash is another man’s treasure)

The show is always entertaining (unfiltered comedy at times, similar to the “Tradio” caller attempting to sell his old Nova in the front yard on blocks with grass grown up around it)

Matt, Ryan, Shannon and the KSR Crew …… thank you for producing a great show daily. My likening your show to “Tradio” is a bit silly but at times I feel as if I am listening to “Tradio” back in Breckinridge County as a teenager and that’s a good feeling. To quote our friend John Short,”You Are Great Americans.” GO CATS!

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