6 Words That Should Guide Leadership Decisions

Making important decisions is a part of life. Personal decisions. Professional decisions. We are all faced with decisions that impact our personal life and/or work life daily. In both, I have made good choices and bad choices. You can most likely relate.

Over the past year, I have made many important decisions in my role as the leader of a relatively large non-profit agency. While decision making has always been a critical part of my role as the leader, decisions made in the past year were much more difficult due to possible major changes for our agency, our staff and the clients we serve. Just to be really honest these decisions impacted the livelihood for nearly 170 people (and their families) who work for our agency. These were some of the most difficult decisions in my nearly 15 years as the executive director of our agency.

It seemed as if there was a major decision that had to be made daily! That’s not necessarily true but it felt like it. Every decision required a considerable amount of thought, consideration and discernment not only on my end but on the part of my core lead team within the agency. We spent countless hours discussing every important decision to be made. I challenged core staff to always consider the pros and cons of each decision and the impact each decision would have on the clients we served.  After all, our clients are the primary reason we have existed as an agency for over 30 years.

Each decision seemed to present a new set of challenges but more importantly each decision presented a new opportunity. I always look for opportunities ….. even when presented with challenges. How can we take what is presented as a challenge and turn it into an opportunity? How can we take what appears to be a problem and create a solution? Those were always questions I would ask but in every decision that was made, I continued to use these 6 words with staff to help guide our leadership decisions ………

“Always Do The Next Right Thing.”

Doing the next right thing was at times difficult because of the unknown response. Doing the next right thing was often difficult due to the fact that setting aside personal preferences was/is not always easy.

As the leader, I continually challenged staff with these words. Even if it meant we may get responses or results that may not be favorable. I continue to challenge staff today with these words as we are still working through some ongoing decisions regarding our agency.

I would challenge you as a leader as well to ….. “Always Do The Next Right Thing.”

Can you share as a leader how  you “Always Do The Next Right Thing?”

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