What? Our Son Is Getting Ready To Vote For The First Time

  • 6th April 20166/04/16
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Our oldest son, Bryce, will be voting for the first time in this year’s November Presidential Election. He’s very excited and yes he continually makes me aware that he will be “old enough” to vote in November. As his dad (and one who has some interest in politics), I am very happy about his excitement to vote for the first time. Each time he reminds me that he’s old enough to vote, I ask myself …… “Where has time gone? How did this happen?”

As I continue to reflect on these two questions, I remind myself over and over how quickly time passes and the importance of being very intentional in the time that I spend with him (and our younger son as well). He’s voting soon. Next year, high school graduation. Followed by, college. Then, ……..

Dads (and moms), our sons and daughters grow up so quickly. I can hear my dad saying this now ….. “Son, they will be grown before you know it.” I heard it hundreds of times as a young parent and honestly have not realized it to be so true until just recently. I want to challenge young parents to the following thoughts as you raise your kids and watch them quickly grow up. I might add …. “They’ll be grown up before you know it.”

Here are my thoughts (please understand that I have failed miserably in a few of these thoughts as a parent):

Be intentional in every word you use and every thing you do. If you say you’ll do it ….. do it. Even when it’s not convenient for you. I wish I had been better at this along the way.

Enjoy the clutter, the messy house, the toy filled bedrooms and den, the mis-matched socks on the floor in every other room, the dirty cloths lying right beside the hamper (wouldn’t it be just as easy to throw them in the hamper), snack wrappers stuffed under and in the couch and on and on.

Spend time sharing specifically with your kids about the Bible and Jesus. Our pastor reminded me of this recently …. “If our kids miss Jesus, none of the other stuff (sports, scholarships, etc.) in their lives will matter.”

Talk “with” your kids but listen more. Listening allows you to understand their heart. I often get this one wrong! I’m working hard at listening to my boys more.

Know your children’s friends. I would encourage every parent to know their children’s five best friends (and their parents). Know who your children are hanging out with and the influences they have on the lives of your children. It’s perfectly fine to be selective who your kids hang out with on a regular basis.

Pray for your children daily. Pray that God will use them daily to influence others in meaningful and positive ways.

One is never fully prepared to be a great parent. At least I wasn’t and still struggle at times with being even a decent parent. Parenting is hard at times but rewarding. Parenting is tiring at times but worth every second. Parents with young children, let me remind you …..  “Your kids will be grown up before you know it. Pretty soon they will be old enough to vote.” While it may sound redundant, it is true.

I am very excited for my oldest son to vote in November!

What thoughts can you share with new parents?

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