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  • 3rd January 20153/01/15
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I can hardly believe it’s 2015. Where does time go these days? Seems as if every single second, minute, hour, day, week, month and year pass by faster and faster the older I become. Don’t believe me? Don’t blink or it will be 2016! I didn’t make a list of resolutions for the new year. I seem to always fail about day 3! I did, however, promise myself that I would make every effort to win every day this year. I don’t know what the next hour, tomorrow or next month might hold but I plan to win each day. If it ends in “Y”, I am winning it.

So how does one “Win The Day?”

Begin with prayer. Ask for guidance, strength and discernment for all things that will be a part of your day. Win The Day.

Hug and kiss your wife and kids (if married with children). Win The Day.

Read something positive. Find an encouraging blog to read daily. Keep a motivational calendar in your bedroom or bathroom so that you see them first thing daily. Tweet, Facebook or Instagram a motivational message occasionally for others to read. Win The Day.

Be helpful to others. Random acts of kindness may not only win the day for you but for others as well. Win The Day.

Be thankful for the things you have. A new day is a lot to be thankful for. Win The Day.

Smile. Win They Day.

Laugh. Win The Day.

Use kind words. Sounds silly but words can be inspiring or hurtful. Use kind words and be inspiring. Win The Day.

Spend time reflecting on your day. How can you make tomorrow a better day? Win The Day.

Finish with prayer. Thank God for the guidance, strength and discernment he provided you today. Thank him for today and ask that he would be gracious and merciful to give you a new day tomorrow. Win The Day.

While some days are more difficult than others and some days we just all want to give up and quit! Don’t. Each day presents a new opportunity for a win. Wins look and feel different for all of us. How do you win each day?

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