Turning Ideas Into Reality

  • 19th December 201419/12/14
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I am an idea guy. I am always thinking, looking and planning for the next big thing. It’s just the way my mind works ….. both professionally and personally. Currently I am working on several new ideas. A few personally. More professionally. Earlier this week as I was planning for a couple of meetings to talk about ideas I realized a few truths of turning ideas into reality.

Ideas are merely seeds that have to be nurtured and fed.

Most ideas don’t become reality overnight. In fact, many take years!

Often, more minds are greater than just one mind (there’s a fine balance between enough and too many).

Many times the original ideas are not the final ideas.

There’s a time for idea sharing over food (coffee, donuts, etc.) where there may be several distractions but there’s also a time for idea sharing in a more controlled and quiet environment. This is where the real nurturing and feeding happens.

Some ideas work. Others don’t.

Timing is critical. Know the need. Fill a niche.

Make certain you are never the smartest person at any conversation that takes place! In fact, surround yourself with a room full of people who are smarter than you!

Lastly, never stop thinking. It keeps your mind young. It keeps you relevant (as long as your ideas are relevant).

Are you a thinker? An idea person? What are your tips for taking an idea and making it real? Here’s to big dreams and big ideas in 2015!

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