Equal vs Equitable

  • 22nd December 201322/12/13
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y wife asked last night how I differentiated between the words of equal and equitable. She somewhat caught me off guard with her question and I seemed to stumble over my response. I knew the answer, I just couldn’t get it out. She then proceeded to tell me why she asked the question then gave a simple yet profound answer. She said “A guy who I work with describes the difference between equal versus equitable like this.”

“Equal is every child having a pair of shoes. Equitable is every child having a pair of shoes that fits.”

I have probably heard this said in so many ways before but last night it touched me in a way different than before. So the next time you hear equal versus equitable (especially when it comes to education and poverty) remember this simple yet profound quote.

Many things are equal yet far from equitable!

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