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BS2 Podcast 4 – Joe Ross (Northlime Coffee and Donuts)

In Episode #4, we talk a lot of “BS” with Joe Ross (The Donut Boss). We talk sports, donuts, pants, music, politics and much more. If you haven’t been to Northlime (0r even if you have) …… listen to this podcast and Joe Ross has a free donut for you. Enjoy the “BS.” LISTEN HERE [...]

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BS2 Podcast 3 – Dicky Lyons Jr.

In Episode #3, Bryce and I interview former Kentucky football player Dicky Lyons Jr. We catch up with Dicky on his career, his life today and much more.  LISTEN HERE! You can subscribe on iTunes here. Photo: Spokeo

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6 Words That Should Guide Leadership Decisions

Making important decisions is a part of life. Personal decisions. Professional decisions. We are all faced with decisions that impact our personal life and/or work life daily. In both, I have made good choices and bad choices. You can most likely relate. Over the past year, I have made many important decisions in my role [...]

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Turning Ideas Into Reality

I am an idea guy. I am always thinking, looking and planning for the next big thing. It’s just the way my mind works ….. both professionally and personally. Currently I am working on several new ideas. A few personally. More professionally. Earlier this week as I was planning for a couple of meetings to [...]

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